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NEW ALBUM: Floating Rooms by Casey LaLonde

NEW ALBUM: Floating Rooms

Casey LaLonde

Hi folks! I have a new album out, called "Floating Rooms". I really hope you enjoy it, and if you like it I'd really, really appreciate help in spreading the word around! Every little bit helps! <3

My boyfriend and I worked on this together. I sketched out the original idea for this room in a crushed 2D perspective, the character, and oversaw art direction and colors for the final image. Matt was responsible for modelling, rigging, animating and rendering. A lot of firsts!

Again, I hope you like the album, folks. It's been a few years, so I hope it finds you well. <3

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    Bought it as soon as I got to my computer!

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    it's an incredibly well-put together picture (and album). excellent direction, creating a clear atmosphere. i love the busy details and the expansive sections; it pulls your eyes all around the room!

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    Omg I just noticed all the references to your past cover work in the picture, nice touch

    Absolutely love this album, takes some of my favorite tracks from your older releases and combines them fluently in with plenty of new material (Grey Eminence is absolutely lovely and sublime to listen to)