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I'm currently working on editing and transferring all my old submissions from FA ( on to this site. Some of my stuff is adult content, but I always try to aim for young adult readers to adult readers. Once I take care of all that stuff, while including new content (see my piece on Echo), I'll write a proper profile overview. My aim is to include four submissions per week: Two, at least, re-worked or old submissions of mine since I last touched upon them, and a minimum of one new piece

Be sure to leave any comments or helpful advice for someone new, and I ALWAYS appreciate any criticism, be it negative or positive, about a particular work or my style of writing. I will never censor or remove comments.

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Might Be Gone in the Foreseeable Future

Heard the news today from my cousins that my grandfather had a fall sometime around last Sunday. At the moment he is in a stable condition at the hospital. Considering my grandfather's behavior lately and his depressed mood, I cannot exactly say I'm surprised by the news. Thankfully a neighbor of his found him and got him to the hospital. He has been coherent, but very tired often. My father hasn't said anything to me, but I know how much this would bother him after my uncle Steve's death previously this year from cancer.

I didn't get a chance to attend that funeral, but if my grandfather passes, I'm most likely going to head up to Iowa to say my goodbyes, if the matter is more serious. My grandfather is one of many inspirations for becoming a teacher, and I'd really hate to not be able speak with him one more time. Unlike my uncle Steve whom I know more as a child than as a teenager, I did get to know my grandfather well and I enjoyed our five page letter exchanges throughout my college years.

But, for the moment, the situation hasn't reached that end. I'm just tuning into any updates from my cousin Shane and Pastor Ben. If you wish to share him in your thoughts or prayers, I appreciate the kind gesture.

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