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Hello! My name is Bocian.

I'm a freelance artist specializing in illustration and character design. I was born in Gdynia, a small port city in Poland, which provided me with the needed stimulation and inspiration for my artwork.

I began my artistic pursuits by designing banners for two small game stores, but my interests have since grown to include illustrations and character designs thanks to the inspiration provided by great animators and artists. The styles I specialize in include CG painting and vector art.

I am a dedicated worker and promise to give 200% from myself to create something special for your artistic needs. Passion and my curiosity guide me in seeking the tools and skills necessary to produce the best work possible.

For digital work I use a Wacom Intuos 4 along with Paint Tool Sai, Corel Painter 11, Photoshop CS5 and Inkscape.

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Latest Journal


Hello gang!

I have some happy news =D in the beginning of the year I started to do my webpage design in PS. After like 2 months I got lazy and never touched it again... sad :c. But thanks to my buddy from school who wanted his own lil page pushed my ambition to finish what I started!

So I present you my new official webpage :D

From this point I will take most commission orders by my webpage and it's also a way to get certain info and prices. Well there are still some small things to tweak and make on my webpage but I do hope you will like it!

What else is new? I changed the software to stream my drawing, so from now on it will be in HD quality and run a lot smoother than on Procaster. (PS. if you have a weaker computer I recommend changing to Xsplit) So I hope to give you the best streaming experience possible, a few things will change and for my loyal viewers and for general fun there might be raffles! (I probably won't announce em.. you know SURPRISE BUTTSEX).

As for myself I'm doing a lot better! The past few months were hell... and now slowly everything is changing for the better! Love all your support and comments and watches (even if sometimes I don't reply, but I read em all)

PS. Probably most things are set on the page but if you have an idea throw it at me :D.

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Digital Painting

Full Painted Character
€ 50.00
add  Additional Character + 50%
€ 0.00
add  Detailed Background
from € 20.00
to € 30.00

Full Color Character

Flat Colored Character
€ 20.00
add  Additional Character + 50%
€ 0.00
add  Basic Background
€ 5.00
add  Basic Shading
€ 5.00
add  Detailed Background
from € 10.00
to € 20.00
add  Soft Shading
€ 10.00



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    Nice art, really liked your toon style ^^

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    I found you :D Oh snap, is that me up there in your banner?

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    your art is AMAZING OH WOW

    you color gorgeously and your style is so great oh wow ;O; <3

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    And Hi back. :P