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Webpage by Bocian

Hello gang!

I have some happy news =D in the beginning of the year I started to do my webpage design in PS. After like 2 months I got lazy and never touched it again... sad :c. But thanks to my buddy from school who wanted his own lil page pushed my ambition to finish what I started!

So I present you my new official webpage :D

From this point I will take most commission orders by my webpage and it's also a way to get certain info and prices. Well there are still some small things to tweak and make on my webpage but I do hope you will like it!

What else is new? I changed the software to stream my drawing, so from now on it will be in HD quality and run a lot smoother than on Procaster. (PS. if you have a weaker computer I recommend changing to Xsplit) So I hope to give you the best streaming experience possible, a few things will change and for my loyal viewers and for general fun there might be raffles! (I probably won't announce em.. you know SURPRISE BUTTSEX).

As for myself I'm doing a lot better! The past few months were hell... and now slowly everything is changing for the better! Love all your support and comments and watches (even if sometimes I don't reply, but I read em all)

PS. Probably most things are set on the page but if you have an idea throw it at me :D.



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