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🐾 Member of the global Furry family since May 16th 2008. 🐾

COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. You can still find my pricing information and Terms of Service on my website. :3

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Commissioned me? Just want to leave a suggestion? Here's the place to leave your review. ^^

Welcome to the userpage of Blue Kitty Tales.

I make a variety of written pieces, but most often stories. My main theme is blunt, realistic and gritty plots that deal with the dark side of sentient nature and city life, but I have also explored plenty of other ideas. Whether it's the bright and sunny or the dark and seedy, I can bring just about any plot to life. :3

The visual artwork in my gallery consists of commissions and the occasional request and gift. Please give credit to the artists who made them and support them in their future ventures. With very few exceptions, every picture carries its own vignette, bringing further life to each scene.

Want to see your vision come to life? You need only ask. :3

Note on gifts and fan materials: I dearly appreciate gift art or stories with my characters. But if your idea is NSFW, you are to contact me first.

Note on roleplay: Do not under any circumstances ask me if I roleplay.

Conventions attended
2016: Summer LAGC, Birmingham Anime and Gaming Con
2017: Winter LAGC, ConFuzzled, AlCon
2018: ConFuzzled, AlCon, Midwest FurFest
2019: ConFuzzled

Conventions attending
2020: ConFuzzled (confirmed)
2021: ConFuzzled (planned), Midwest FurFest (planned)

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Latest Journal

Commissions are open!

With my final erotic story made and posted onto my FurAffinity account and having finished uploading my long backlog of files to DeviantArt and Weasyl, I am open for business. ^^

As time has passed, what I look to show my audience has changed. Nowadays, I have a preference for writing clean material. That said, rather than being happy and cutesy as is often seen in the Furry community, what I make nowadays is dark, brooding, gritty and bluntly realistic, with adults being my target audience. Those who look closely may be able to work out where my inspiration behind the tone conveyed in my more recent work has come from. You might be pleasantly surprised. ^^

Although my enthusiasm for making sexual stories is weaker than it formerly was, I will still make stories of this nature if you should commission me for them, but I will not make such stories otherwise. Bear in mind that these kinds of stories will only be posted onto my FurAffinity account in accordance with DeviantArt's rules and my decision last year to remove adult material from my Weasyl account.

I plan not to include any sexual material in the first three books I'll be releasing, but am not against doing so later on down the line. Since first impressions are vital, and people will no doubt look for my pseudonym and FA username once they’re out, I intend to tip the balance of what I’ve made further in favour of clean content. I have begun to write my first book and will spend the time I am not at work or making commissions getting it together.

I look forward to seeing what ideas you throw at me, ladies and gentlemen. You will find the link to my Terms of Service on my userpage. :3


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