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I am a hobbyist writer and storyteller, and have been writing since beginning my third and longest streak upon joining the community in 2008, having first picked up the pen in late 1999. I do so as an active interest and desire, but I would love to one day make a career out of it and become a full time writer. I specialise in political, fantasy, mystery, crime, romance, and sexual literature, and love to convey the most beautiful things and the darkest, ugliest things with concise and enrapturing words and engaging stories. I'm not limited to these genres - I'm willing to write about just about anything. ^^

Through my work, I want to encourage my audience to look deeper into the minds of themselves and others, and lose themselves in their own fantasies and worlds in the process. In short, one of my goals in my writing is to encourage readers to open their minds to the things they wouldn't normally question. I'm an experimenter, even with sexually explicit stuff, and I'm always trying to get better. Don't be afraid to ask, and don't be afraid to criticise or point out flaws; that's how I learn. :3

The artwork in my gallery is not my own - they're commissions I've purchased and requests and gifts I've received. (With certain exceptions, trades are not reposted in my gallery, but instead linked to from my end of the trade.) I encourage you to give credit to the artists who made them and support them in their future ventures. With very few exceptions, every picture carries its own vignette, bringing further life to each scene. And though I may not always leave a comment if you Watch me or Favourite my work or commissions, they're always deeply appreciated. <3 Never be afraid to comment - I always treasure the critique, whether positive or negative. :3

I am also a qualified computer technician, and am willing to help out anyone who is having problems with their computers. Just send a Note my way. :3

Currently not purchasing any commissions due to requiring the money to pay for my Fursuits. Any pieces you see uploaded while this notice is up are gifts or are commissions that were paid for prior to it appearing.

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2019: AnthroCon (planned), Gateway Furmeet (planned)

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After almost nine years, I have a new primary Fursona!

on 7 May 2017 at 13:03:09 MDT

It's been so long since I first joined the Furry Fandom. And I have come a very long way since my very first day in the global Furry family. But now, the time has come for me to make my next advancement.

For a while now, I've been stuck on which character to have a Full Fursuit made out of. None of my characters are regularly displayed naked, and they also don't have the personalities suited for it (with the possible exceptions of Philippa and Roman). Now, I've found a way to attain this. Meet my newest character Gemma, who I think twins with my username like Krusty the Clown and cigarettes. Although character development on her has yet to begin as of the making of this journal, my plans for her are just beginning. ;3

Starting off is my decision to make her my new main Fursona, taking over from Wesley. My decision was made in a heartbeat because of wanting a clean slate as far as my main Fursona goes. Wesley was the very first character I brought to life all the way back in 2008, but this was a time of my life when my ability to trust others was nearing its lowest, and his personality reflected that, namely that he frightens easily and is often reluctant to completely trust others (with his suspicions frequently being proven correct in the stories he features in). As you know, he still has these traits, but as he has aged just as my other characters have, he shows them in smaller doses than he used to. I feel that not having him as my main Fursona any more will give me a bit more freedom as far as his development goes, and allow me to invest more into a Fursona who I think is a better fit for my username and personality. That, and he's obviously not as much of a kitty as Gemma is, given his parentage and the fact his grandmother on his father's side is a vixen.

Next to come will be my profile for her and stories, and I plan on commissioning some artwork of her (including a new avatar). Between this, I know exactly who I want to go to for the Full Fursuit, this being a maker I met at the London Anime and Gaming Con last month by the name of Blood Kitty (assuming she's currently open, that is). As I've cosplayed, I've noticed that rather than just being daring, I'm finding I rather enjoy cosplaying and acting as characters who are not of my gender, which has only served to strengthen my desire to go ahead with this. I will still have Wesley as a character, of course - he just won't spend as much time in the limelight. Keep your eyes peeled for more of Gemma, ladies and gentlemen. ;3

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