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Слезы Дракона (Slezy Drakona) by BlueKittyTales

Слезы Дракона (Slezy Drakona)


What Nikoleta now sees as the main mission she has in her life after the death of her son Yevgeny is fronting her Folk Metal band, blending together metal and traditional Russian music. With a name translating to Dragoness’ Tears, this six piece is known not only for their use of instruments typically used in their native country's folk music, but also for alternating between mythological and sombre themes. The lyrics of each of their songs are in their native Russian, but rarely may be in Serbian instead.

The band has a tradition that has defined all of their releases. Each album’s title track is dedicated to Nikoleta’s late son. Due to the memories of him they evoke, these songs prove sad enough to often move her to tears while singing, hence the band’s name.

Note to Russian speakers: If you believe any of the text and translations used in this discography are incorrect, get in touch and I will make the necessary changes. :3

Примечание для русскоязычных: если вы считаете, что какой-либо текст и переводы, использованные в этой дискографии, неверны, свяжитесь с нами, и я внесу необходимые изменения. :3 (Passage was translated using Google Translate)

Visual depiction: Not currently available

UPDATE, 11/07/19: The band's name has been altered slightly after it was found the incorrect form was used. Much appreciation goes to DeadlySunWolfy for pointing this out. ^^

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