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Diamonds and Quartzes (DemalyxDragon) by BlueKittyTales

Diamonds and Quartzes (DemalyxDragon)


Sunday March 20th 2016

Belle was glowing. Her second cub, who she’d found out would be a son, would be born in a mere two months. And already her and Mikhail’s daughter Peggy was eager to meet her younger brother. Even at only three years of age, she had understood that her parents loved each other. They hadn’t placated her with any fictitious story involving storks, since they knew she would never believe them now that she knew her brother was inside her mother. But they had still felt that she was far too young to understand how he had got there. They’d assured her that she would learn that at school when she was much older, but still the young skunk had remained curious. Much to their amusement, she would knock on her mother’s pregnant belly and jocularly say that she was waiting for him to come out and play, resulting in him kicking in response.

That morning, Belle had added a small packet of Little Eggs chocolates to her breakfast. She had experienced this same intense craving for chocolate when she was pregnant with Peggy. She had wondered why she was desiring this of all things, but considered herself fortunate it was chocolate rather than something both inedible and revolting. And as she came out of the shower and dried herself down, she was quite surprised when Mikhail suddenly slipped in, wading his way through the still hovering condensation.

“Mikhail, I’ll be finished in here soon.” she smiled, poking her tongue out at him. “There’s plenty of hot water left for you too.”

“That’s not the only thing, babe.” purred Mikhail, before he produced another pack of chocolates.

“Oh wow, Mickey! My favourite!” crowed Belle. “You know I love my Little Eggs!”

“Our son will too.” he smiled as he started to caress her shoulders and then moved on to her bump. “He’ll thank you for all that chocolate later.”

“Peggy certainly has.” agreed Belle as she ravenously chowed down the small chocolate eggs. “I have to try and keep her away from the candy aisle at the supermarket!”

“Well, we’ve taught her that it’s a sometime treat.” said Mikhail. “She’s not like that young human I saw on TV who lived on biscuits his entire life.”

“Nah, she’ll never get like that.” said Belle. “I mean, she loves your spinach omelettes as much as I do.” Mikhail showed a wide grin.

“I think I know what I’m making us for our dinner tonight! And just for you, how about another bag of those to go with it?”

“I know I often say this, but you’re too good to me, Mickey.”

“Mommy!” called Peggy as she came up the stairs, clutching a vixen plushie in her right arm. Belle quickly wrapped a towel around herself.

“What is it, Pegs?” she smiled. Peggy’s ears twitched at this affectionate nickname.

“Where’s my chocolate?” she said sullenly, folding her arms. “I can’t find it.”

“Um,” stammered Belle, finding herself unable to come up with an answer.

“Uh, Belle?” said Mikhail, not able to hold back his laughter. “Did you eat Peggy’s chocolate again?” The young skunk sniffed, looking like she was about to burst into tears, while Belle could only wince in embarrassment. “It’s okay, Peggy. We’ll get you another one. We’ve got to go out today anyway, so you can come and pick out whichever one you want.” Maybe I can have some more too. thought Belle. Peggy’s face immediately lit up.


“It wouldn’t be fair not to let you have that when we promised.” added Belle. “You were a very good girl this week, but wait until you’ve had your dinner before you eat it, okay?”

“But Mommy, you’re eating it all the time!” noted Peggy. “Does that mean you’ve been extra good?”

“She’s got your sharp intellect, Belle.” giggled Mikhail.

And now a picture with a completely different tone from the preceding upload. :3 Sometimes I feel that how Sharp is in the present day (at at least, close to it) and how she was so far in her past are two totally different women. ^^;

An unexpected piece I received from the fantastic DemalyxDragon, here we have the result of her experimenting with another style of drawing. And doesn’t Belle look sweet here? Thinking of a story that matched the picture wasn’t the easiest thing, so I went with a little scenario that came into my mind. You hear children say the damnedest things when you’re in a job dealing with the public, and I just couldn’t resist going with this snippet. ^^

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