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Patreon Tier Change

on 2 January 2021 at 05:42:41 MST

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After pondering for a while I've decided to finally change the tiers a little bit. But don't worry, lovely people who are already patrons, you're not going to be losing anything!
The changes are pretty simple:

● $10 Tier: Discount on commissions increased from 10% off to 15%. It offers a slightly bigger discount while you still get to see the making-of videos, HD pictures and even the .PSD files with no increase in the tier pricing!
● $20 Tier: Not only does the 15% discount from the $10 tier apply to you whenever you buy comms in the same month you get a Patreon Sketch (because if you get the sketch you're not getting the 30% discount), the tier is now open for a total of 10 people, instead of 7! I have decided that I will just try to go easy on the commissions a little bit and focus more on the Patreon Sketches.
● Joining $20 Tier with other Patrons: Two or more $20 Tier Patrons can decide to get a sketch together or even gift to each other in exchange for having more than one character on the sketch! This does not apply to discounts though, we still need the money to pay the bills and drawing something for 60% or even 90% off is not that much of a profit.

Thank you all so much for the immense support you've been all giving me for so long. I really really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you
Happy New Year and may 2021 be good to everyone!~

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    Heyo, are you still open for commissions?

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    Thank you for Following! A bit generic demonstration of gratitude, but just to show I perceived your kindness!

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    For those that are going to ask why I'm submitting so many images, it's because I'm just moving my stuff from FurAffinity and DeviantArt to Weasyl, since I'm going to use it as a third website to promote my artworks~