I am not an artist, I am just someone who happens to be into the Furry fandom, although I don't go to conventions and am very selective about what I like about this fandom.

I am an amateur writer with a particular interest in Human/Anthro relationships. I have written a couple of stories relating to this with ideas for more in the future. The artist Hattonslayden has been a great influence and my stories are based largely off his work. Our similar views and interest in the matter of Human/Anthro relationships has helped me to understand my own views and beliefs on this interest of mine.

I became interested in the idea of human/anthro relationship's after I watched a debate on T.V about whether we should allow same sex marriage here in Australia. The naysayers said "No, because marriage should only exist between a man and a woman". And that got me thinking

If we could all one day accept the right of gay couples to marry, could we look past more than that? Would we tolerate people having relationships with beings who were not strictly human, even if they could think, feel and speak like humans? In the same way Juke Sulley from Avatar falls in love with Neytiri even though she is not human, could we do the same in real life is presented with similar beings?

So again, I write stories but do not draw art.


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    WOHHOOO you are here too

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      Thought I'd branch out a bit. I noticed that you hadn't uploaded any of your mature artwork here and most of what you have done for me as been that. Do you mind if I upload them here?

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        by all means upload away!

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          Thanks. I might do that tommrow. I might even join the other sites you are on.