Amours interdits ... by BlackDragon07

Amours interdits ...


16 September 2019 at 10:10:29 MDT

My Oc X Canon ship, Rime (Abyss Woman) and Terra.

Facts about it:

A straight couple for a change! (Yeah, I'm more used to draw Gay / Yaoi couple). I did not want to do a hetero relationship that is too commonplace and without any interest, so I decide to draw on the theme of impossible/ forbidden love. So it's logical that I think about Rime and Terra here.

  • It's an impossible love, because a great distance separates them. Indeed Rime works underwater, into abyssal depths and Terra is most of the time in space. So spending time together is a bit hard for these two.

  • Terra is not completely honest with Rime. He hides her things, like the Stardroids, and the fact that he is the leader of them. He pretends to be a robot created for space exploration. Rime believes him, since she has siblings that make space exploration. If Terra is lying, it's not to be dishonest with Rime, but it's because he is affraid to say the truth and to loose his love.

  • Being a real tomboy, Rime saw Terra more as a friend than a boyfriend (at the beginning), what makes the relationship more complicated.

Traditional art (mixed media)

Art & Abyss Woman (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Terra (C) Capcom

This work belongs to a series of 3 drawings, here are the other one:

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    Yay - hetero couple!^^"
    I love this<3 And again combination of incongruous elements))

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      Yeah, hetero couple are fun to draw too.^_^
      Thank you for your nice comment my friend. =)

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