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Eat that ice cream ... by NightDragon07

Eat that ice cream ...


My Oc X Canon ship, Baudelaire (Lemur Man) and Blast Man.
They are on vacation at the sea, and are eating an ice cream, because I wanted to draw something summer themed.

Baudelaire is still going in the water, although he is a fire robot. But he does not venture too far, and prefers to return fast on land.

Facts about it:

There is no real story or reason for this couple. Indeed, the couple Baudelaire x Blast Man comes to me very naturally. (Because I'm a big fan of Blast Man).

  • The two robots go very well together, because they have a strong character and temperament.

  • Their elements are the opposite, indeed Baudelaire is a fire robot, Blast Man's weakness. Being moody, Baudelaire can quickly become angry and spreads flames everywhere. Blast Man should sometimes be wary, and be careful to not make Baudelaire angry.

Traditional art (mixed media)

Art & Lemur Man (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Blast Man (C) Capcom

This work belongs to a series of 3 drawings, here are the other one:

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