You're my Star ... by BlackDragon07

You're my Star ...


16 September 2019 at 10:16:31 MDT

My Oc X Canon ship, Baccara Man and Star Man.

They Make an unlikely couple. But rather logical since Baccara Man is a seducer and Star Man a romantic who can easily fall
for Baccara Man and his seduction game.

In my version (for this Oc X Canon), Star Man accepts the fact that Baccara Man can seduce other robots (or humans), because he knows that Baccara Man has more feelings towards him, than his other love conquests. But Star Man should remember that roses have thorns. :D

Traditional drawing

Art & Baccara Man (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Star Man (C) Capcom

This work belongs to a series of 3 drawings, here are the other one:

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    Oh how beautiful!)))<3
    In the drawing incongruous elements are combined - cosmos and flowers, very inspiring!0.0

    Great job^^

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      Thank you very much my friend. ^_^
      I'm also glad to hear you like that incongruous combination of flowers and space. =)

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        I love this a LOT^^