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Just an artist on the path of learning, improvement and all of that globbygook (Ed: Seriously?). So, expect some roughness.

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Hm...what to upload...

The thing about me is that I sketch more than I actually draw. I spend a lot of time tackling anatomy and the like, so my drawing consists of lots of life drawing with maybe a few "original" works (that I then trash due to dissatisfaction with them). It has been among my many New Year's resolutions to try to draw something, create a large body of work, even if it's's a struggle, I tell you. Still have a fear.

But hey, no one knows who I am in real life (as far as I know), so maybe I'll give it a try. One drawing on a consistent basis. For now, though, I can only provide pencil sketches and the like.

You've been warned.

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    Thank you very much for following me! c:

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      You're welcome. Nice style you have, there.

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    Thank you for watching me! I appreciate it! :3

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      No problem! You're talented.

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        Aww... That's so sweet of you to say, thank you!