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Dahlia gives herself a hand by Balina

Dahlia gives herself a hand


While she shares Ms Mahigan's fondness for supplementary arms, Dahlia lacks both the physical real estate and the raw constitution to simply bolt ColdShoulder sockets onto her body. Nor would she really care to use what she considers to be a hasty collection of workarounds to something as precious as her own body. Instead, she sticks to standards and sockets actually designed for use as prosthetics, and prefers to have a very small collection of arms that she is constantly upgrading and tweaking. They are usually not meant to be used in addition to arms one already possess, let alone in such quantity, but these are trifling details in her eyes. The system has been proven itself to work before, and she has proven herself more than capable of handling the extra limbs and then some.

Dahlia's personal favorite prosthetics are a quartet of heavily-customized units which she has fully overhauled with new joints and servos of her own design. These "Dahl joints" still have some durability and maintenance issues to work out, keeping them from the open market for the time being, though their performance, precision, and Ms Verrick's own vanity are all so great that she simply refuses to use anything else.

Art: DistressedEgg

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