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Dahlia Verrick stands tall by Balina

Dahlia Verrick stands tall


Chief of Robotics at the Balinological Technical Institute, Dahlia Verrick is responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrading, and modifying the literally hundreds of units that operate on and about the campus. Many of the units contain components that Dahlia had a hand in designing during her time at Ignis Dextremeties, making her one of the most qualified people available to figure out just how exactly Balina managed to break them this time, and how to keep her from doing it again.

A woman of means, luck, and skill, there is very little about Dahlia that she does not take pride in possessing. Her genetics were intensely kind to her, her family was supportive of her decisions, and she was fortunate enough to get her master's degree and work her way near the top of an emerging field that captures her interests and abilities perfectly. She could have gone nearly anywhere and been welcome, but BTI is the only place that can offer her the chance to pursue her current passions.

More true facts about the Dahlia:

  • Depending on her particular mood and her familiarity with those she is speaking with, she will either describe her Dhole + Springbok hybrid species as a "Dhok" or a "Dingbok".
  • Her arms are, for the time being, custom creations. She has intentions of licensing the design back to her former employers once she figures out how to get their maintenance requirements down to things an end user can manage.
  • A poor reaction to antibiotics immediately after surgery led to the significant scars around her sockets. Hybrid biology is weird.
  • She complains about being too fluffy, but actively takes steps to avoid having to trim it down more than absolutely necessary.
  • Her tail is surprisingly dexterous for its length and fluff; she can't pick up fine objects, but it's capable of turning the knob and pulling a door open.
    • What she can do with her tongue is not fit to print in a SFW sheet.

Dahlia is meant to be a sona for those rare times when I am feeling like I want to express things that Balina can't. The head moof is a lot of things, but some days you just gotta vent off some High Femme desires, y'know? Dahlia is lithe, she is graceful, she is shameless about what she likes and how she feels. She isn't meant to be Balina v2.0, but in her own head, she might as well be.

Updated 2/13/21 to reflect the fix on her eye color.

Art: Ficus Ficus (original)

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