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Upon the Shores of an Epoch by Balaa

Upon the Shores of an Epoch


Circa 2010

"'Caught somewhere between a blink and eternity is an enduring memory of someone not too distantly removed. An epoch etched on a mote of sand is as much the awe as the crystal rainbow suspended beyond the diamond husk. Here giants and kings once walked, even as they do now, their shape is changed and yet....a persistent memory reminds, that the kingdom has ever been and beyond us ever will be.'

My contribution to the fantastic RARE Anthro Calendar, currently in it's second year! This year's calendar highlights both some of the more well known and some of the less known about species that have gone extinct.

I managed to luck out and actually got a chance to illustrate a Homotherium, which is one of my very favorite of the sabertoothed cats. I'm not sure I managed to capture the anatomy as elegantly as I would have liked, but I was ecstatic to be able to work on something, more or less, for myself and be able to submit it to such a great project! I wish I had more time to work on this, but alas been plowed by deadlines left and right along with a lot of goings on in my life x]!

This calendar IS available for pre-sale RIGHT now, but the presales close August 31st, after which only a limited number of calendars will be available as private sales through artists. The number available after pre-sales is undetermined, so if you want to ensure owning one, please do purchase one now! Thank you to all of you in advance, ordering information is at: Order Here before Sept 1st


size: 5000x3500pixels at 300 dpi

tools: Photoshop and Intuos 3

prints: will announce at a future date!

Im sorry my uploads are so infrequent these days. Ive just been incredibly busy the last few months, so much so that it's felt more like half a year! All of it has been grand happenings though and I feel happier and more confident than I think I have ever felt. I do still stalk FA, so I haven't forgotten you wonderful people ^_^! Thanks for the ever wonderful encouragement!"

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