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Black Porcelain by Balaa

Black Porcelain


Circa 2010

"I feel terrible posting anything Ive done for myself as Im behind with other art atm, but this was such a quick painting and I wanted to share. the last few months have been busy doing company projects..and as always I walked into them thinking they would be less time consuming than they turned out to be! So I haven't done anything I can share in the longest time. I have a tiny break between projects and hopefully I can use it to catchup a bit.

The past weekend I was also stuck tending to my folks mastiff kennel and between the manic chores for whatever reason the mood for something black and purple began to tail me so starting with a blank black canvas, this emerged. No under sketches, just straight to color. This reaffirmed in me that I am a lousy sketcher. I have a hard time grasping form when working with lineart, ie sketches, but blocking in forms with solid color and chiseling away at the detail from there, that I understand. The original was an hour speedpaint, but I went in and refined the concept a bit, spending an additional few hours on it. Still a quickie by my standards! Wasn't sure whether I even liked it, but a few friends said (WAY TOO) lovely I figured I'd share.

size: Original was about 1000 pixels across, doubled that for the final

time: 3-4 hrs

tool: PS and intuous3"

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    Seeing ANY of your work in my inbox is like finding diamonds in the rough. Thank you so much for sharing! I'll never get tired of your work, especially precious "quickies" like this! <3

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      <3 to your comments always!

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    Oh my god I LOVE this picture, it's just too gorgeous! All those beautiful painted details, just looks so silky and touchable. <33

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    I've always loved this picture. Those eyes. :)

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    One of the best anthro arts ever finally here :) <3

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    Superb work, well done. You've evoked fur texture so well!