Ceremonial Repose by Balaa

Ceremonial Repose


5 November 2012 at 19:54:40 MST

Circa 2010

"'Ceremonial Repose' for the 2011 Werewolf Calendar

"Werewolf courtship and mating can be a beautifully elaborate and dangerous time of werewolf's life. Wild werewolf males will compete for female attention through extensively elaborate displays of body painting and hand crafted jewelry as well as tiresome marathons of dancing displays meant to lure the attention of individual females. Werewolves will braid their pelts and adorn them with multicolor ribbons of beads made from different materials. When dancing, beads of glass, wood, and stone will rub and hit against each other eliciting a rhythmic sound meant to accompany their individual courtship dance. Feathers of birds native to the region, often dyed with naturally found pigments, will also be braided into and attached to their pelt. As wild werewolves require camouflage to hunt, they will rarely adorn themselves with wildly colorful displays of jewelry and feathers thus making courtship all the more a special event in werewolf life; a chance for each werewolf to stand out as an individual."

Orders are now open for this unique project, now in it's 4th year of publication thanks to folks like you! If you want to find out more about the project, purchase, or just see the other artwork's in this year's calendar, please visit us at: The Official Werewolf Calendar website

Orders are open until November 12th of this year, after which only a very limited number of calendars may be available.

Having always avoided the 'native american' flavor of werewolves, for fear of trespassing on other's foundations of the idea, I have decided to give it a go this time around as the idea presented itself very strongly. Hope you folks enjoy. This has been sitting around more or less finished for sometime, but I wasn't happy with some of the minor details until now C:.

Technical Details:  
Size: 6300 x 4500 pixels at 300 dpi  
Tools: Photoshop and wacom intuos 3  
Prints: At a later date

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    Another stunning and visually pleasing piece. You can just see the creativity and vision dripping from the vibrant colours.

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    I love this piece!

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    This is absolutely beautiful.

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    I just sooooooooooooo love this!! It really connects my love of wolves and touch the native american in my blood.

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    Welcome to Wolfiania!