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Rebuilding for 2017


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▽ HAPPY NEW YEAR 12017 ! (last journal) ▲

Welcome in 12017 everyone!

( Why 12017 ? Watch this: )

I don’t know how was 2016 for you, but, despite the few great things, it has been such a bad year for me…
Hopes that got shattered, trusts that have been betrayed, friendships that got broken, money issues all year…
I’ve done terrible mistakes that almost cost my relationship and lost the closest person to me in my family: my mum.

After a nice boost in February, my self confidence has kept on getting lower and almost lost my creativity.
Hopefully, I had the opportunity to make a training in a graphic agency during December. I worked hard (but slow) and my boss was really enthusiastic about my abilities. It gave me a good mood boost and I’m using the wave to make some changes in my life to keep it, starting with my New Year’s Card.

So I’m coming back and many things will change, changes that I’ve already talked about: new graphic identity, new schedules, new rules, new projects, new goals…

I won’t post in here anymore, but you can follow me there :

BTW, I’ve turned 30 a month ago. Thanks to all whose wished me a good year!

≥>≥>≥>≥> WHAT I’VE PLANNED FOR 12017 <≤<≤<≤<≤

I’m still going to post stuff every week, but every Weekend. I need more flexibility in my schedule.
I will not post artworks on Weasyl, FurryNetwork, Tumblr, DeviantArt and Facebook.

These websites takes me too much time for almost no feedback. I’d better focus on quality than quantity.

However, I will still visit, fave, comment, reblog… I will only post in the websites below :

I’ve started to create other OCs for comics I will publish this year.
I’m actually working on the scenario of the first comic.


I’m not taking commissions until further notice.
I already have many to finish.

I’m gonna stick to the 3 I have planned already, no more.

I WILL NEVER TAKE REQUEST, but I may offer privately to draw for free when I need characters.

▽▲ GIFTS ▲▽
I only make gifts if you are really special to me : close friends, artists I admire, people who inspire me…

I’m gonna fill my “Azban by others” folder soon, I’m gathering pics.

▽▲ FANART ▲▽
I'm gonna do some of them as I'm gonna need to be prepared to sell stuff but I don't know yet when I'll start.
People asked for Rocket Raccoon and I also have Rocket Knight and Flashback I wanna work on. Stay tuned.

▽▲ NSFW ▲▽
I want to focus on storytelling pictures which I find more interesting. There might be some NSFW if I find it interesting.

I’m gonna do Art Raffle for Friday 13. January AND October.

I’m seriously considering making streams, maybe something collaborative with people from the chatroom.

I wish I could but that’s a lot of money. I’m gonna try to save for 12018: ConFuzzled OR NordicFuzCon.

>≥>≥>≥>≥ 12017 GOALS ≤<≤<≤<≤<

  • Give up Facebook-like websites, it gets unhealthy for scrolls and useless posts -
  • Lose weight and get in better shape physically and mentally -
  • Move in a bigger place for my bear and I -
  • Read books & play games -
  • Build my personal and professional websites -
  • New Ref Sheets for Artio and I -
  • Find ways to keep motivation -
  • Keep my creativity fuelled -
  • Draw more often, and for myself -
  • Create at least 2 long comics -
  • Better feedback -
  • More Watchers and Followers -
  • Behave better with other artists -

≥>≥>≥>≥> WHAT ABOUT YOU ? <≤<≤<≤<≤
What things have you planned for 12017 ?

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    Mais de rien c'est chouette ce que tu fais !

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    Salut le raton ! Tu vas bien ? :3

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      Oui, plutôt bien et vous les loutres ?

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        Ça va ici aussi avec le chien, je commence à m'habituer à ma vie de breton.
        Par contre je dois me séparer de ma voiture, du coup je n'aurais plus de véhicule, et avec le chien à garder ça va être compliqué de venir faire coucou :(. Sinon je serais venu avec plaisir ! (En plus je pourrais parler dessin :D) gros hugs à toi !

        • Link

          C'est vrai c'est con, mais dès que j'en aurai l'occasion je passerai :P

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            Tu es le bienvenu ici ! :D. hugs

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    Merci pour le +watch! (et favs)

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    Thanks for the fav!