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I have over 10 years of experience in sketching art cartoons as it is my main hobby, the purpose of being here

is to produce art cartoons in my own ideas and creations or creations for others when I have the free time, I also like socializing with

others especially when they are artists too or something in common we both like or what we are.

I love sketching dragons mostly as they are my favourite mythical species, I also like working on bats, lizards, dinosaurs

or any kind of creature I find have charm and beauty.

While I love sketching cartoon art for you guys to see I do love to try out some comics too, now the important

thing of being a good artist is to love yourself and what you love to do and don't ever give up, keep on drawing

is the key.

As much as I love drawing and producing art, I also love the hobbies of travelling out to places and even I

love walking, swimming and playing games in my own time.

If you enjoy my content here please don't hesitate to give me a watch and if you wish to contact me, feel free

to send me a note.

And most importantly have fun. :)


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    I forgot to give you a follow! That way I can keep in touch even if you aren't very active on here.

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      Thanks, I appreciate it ~

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    Hey man, it's Pie lord from DA. Didn't know you were on here, how have you been?

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      Oh hi! It really has been a long while!

      I been alright despite me having a dramatic year but things are so far good on my end, what about on your end?

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        Yeah it's been a bit of hectic year for me too, I also spent a while trying to find a new site to post my art on and stumbled onto this place. You still do art? I started putting my works on merch using Teepub so I can make a bit of cash since commish work has dried up

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          Yeah I know the feeling of being burnt out, other than online my Grandma and Father passed away recently thankfully not from the virus, my spirits at least had never been broken so I still do art to this day.

          It's good that you're still around online somewhere, I still use DA, FA and Twitter for art but here though I don't use very often, it's only an extra art site I use just in case.

          Regarding to art you should now see how really far my art has become since the last time you saw ages ago, it's really good to hear from you again. ^^

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            Damn, sorry to hear about your nan and dad man.

            I'm on Face Book, Instagram and I have a Ko-fi page. My DA account is still up but I don't really use DA, occasionally I check in on it but I haven't actively posted anything there in ages. The site started to feel empty and I hate the layout.

            I'll give your art an eyeball, I think my art has improved some too but I still struggle with some things like shading but I think I have gotten better.

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              Yeah I know how you feel about how DA had changed so much, I still use it for the sake of me uploading somewhere, I do understand the site isn't what it used to be but some people I know still use it.

              I can see that your work has gotten better, hope you can keep it up as I would with my works.