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Bee Satisfying by AviZergen

Bee Satisfying


It's almost been a year since I last drew this loveable bat, as you can see I decided to change his appearance to make him look more batty as he is a bat after all but nothing overly different that he is unrecognisable :giggle: hope you like the new change, don't worry, you'll get used to it ~ :3

I was looking up photos of bees and I thought up this pun for the title "Bee satisfying", I actually have a soft spot for bees and really like watching them fly around and landing on flowers while keeping my distance, in my opinion it's actually satisfying, Nyx here is standing in one spot watching the bee fly around him, as long as he does nothing that would sting him of course ~ XP

While I do like how this came out, I looked more closely and having the character take up the whole page is not something I wanted, to make sure I didn't come back too soon I decide to go back into practice mode for now if I want to go back to this full time, after all it would be year of the dragon next year and I want to preserve my creativity until the start of the new year, I'm sure you'll understand.

Hope you'll enjoy this simple piece ~ :)

(Nyx does have arms but he has them behind his back, with that pose it looks like his arms are really wings don't you think? You know, like a normal bat? X3)

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