I'm NOT going to be submitting my Artwork here from now on. Ever.

Hailing from the Cold, but Beautiful views of England. =)
An All-star Console collected Game player who's got experience in action, even the most tiring of events.
So, aside the point, Let's get to the real introduction. ^^

I'm known to be Powerpoint artist, who's nostalgic, and always in balance over things.
Not the best, but everyone I know seems to like it at best. =)

My likes: Videogames, Good games at that. Sonic the Hedgehog. Old Television shows, Cartoon mostly.
Classic-based attempts, and Old-school balancing. Wrestling, like the old WWE, you know, the Attitude Era.
(The new Era in WWE wasn't as Entertaining at best, and has too many Gimmicks)
Shooter Games, Action and all, Good bit of Co-op action in most at best.
Like abit of the old 'BBW' with Women, and love to do RPs. Like abit of Fur-based Artwork, mostly in terms of 'Fat-fur'.
If Inflation's involved, I only like it if it's Food, or Water, or by Spells. Pregfur, don't mind.
Like to make new Friends, and chat to old ones. Anyone who I can talk to,
really makes me feel more trustful around them, if they trust me.

Fave Games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, Dead Island, Left 4 Dead,
LittleBIGPlanet, Tekken, Dead Rising, Skylanders (Spyro the Dragon, old & new), Earthworm Jim.

Dislikes: Getting into arguments, wanted a peaceful life on the Internet.
False accuse over nothing, Trolling, Spawn-killing. (All those mostly were in TF2...)
Fetishes like "Air Inflation", "Farting", "Hyper", Don't mind "Muscle" "Pregfur"'s good to me and No,
I'm not mentioning "The "S" word", it's gross. Not a fan of feeling Sick, like Vomiting, it's an awful feeling. >_<;
I don't attend to go far into Fan-base, to the point of like someone's an "Over-the-top Fan", if you get my drift?
Losing Friends, I try to avoid that, but some people just aren't very convincing, like a lot of my former trusted Friends...
Bad games, now TF2 use to be a fun game, until since it became F2P, it really goes over the top with some turn-offs.

No disrespect in TF2, I just prefer it if it was more balanced in it's factor.

Hope you like my Gallery & it's work. =)
If you want more Info on my Artwork or my Characters, be my guest, go ahead and ask.
Or get in contact with the following links listed in the Gallery.


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