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Hello, Weasyl User!~

If you are visiting my Weasyl profile for the first time, let me welcome you and introduce you to myself and my gallery.~

I'm a very shy and really insecure humanbeing the older I get. My former experiences taught me not to trust people easily and initiate a conversation, so I get intimidated when people misinterpret me as someone I'm not and I wish I could be stronger and more in control about my emotions.
So if you read this, please consider this if you really want to become friends. A friendship takes a lot of time to develope and it's a two-sided giving and taking. If you know what I mean and understand this, thank you.~

Now let me tell you about my gallery. As my username exposes, I have a lot of very appealing and attractive reptile characters to show in situations that are very fetish-related, mostly in huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge proportions. I love most reptile and some avian and amphibian characters from various videogames, with big muscles, big bellies and everything in between. I draw these whenever I feel like it and whenever I want someone really big and round to cuddle and fondle every scale on their round bodyparts...~

Even though I still love King K. Rool as one of my favourite videogame villain characters, lately Psy-Crow from Earthworm Jim has caught my attention and I cannot stop it. ./////. There's something more about him than meets the eye. 100% hot, cute and funny, how can this be even topped?!

If you feel disgusted by my embarrassing fantasies and think a woman like me shouldn't even like the things I like, then I politely ask you to turn and leave. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Take care now.~


lahtheantihero (not so active)

Latest Journal

Article 13 and 11 have been passed.

This means that this is going to be the end of a free internet in Europe, starting in 2020 or 2021.
With that being said, in worst case, I have less than a year time to post and upload stuff I want to share with you guys before me and many other european users are getting censored, blocked or even banned from using any social media, Youtube and other platforms because, well: I'm not allowed to post anything that could be copyrighted by some big moneymaking companies, even if it's fanart or tribute or anything like that.

In best case, I may keep uploading stuff as long as it's not fanart or fanfics or anything fan related and it's just my own work pretty much. But as grim as the future will be, I must expect the worst case scenario to happen instead.

Let's make 2019 the best and possibly the last year I will see you online. Please let me know if you want to keep in contact with me by real mail. Notes can be misused by spammers and viruses and bots so please contact me on Discord instead, thank you.

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    I love reptiles too. My favorite character is Godzilla all the way.

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      I'm glad you do. What's not to love about giant and heavy reptiles? <3

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        True. I looked at the other comments of the Shout page. I didn't realize you were German. I like Europeans since I traveled around the world.

        I don't like the fact that I'm American. I'm not proud. America is in this repeating limbo. History repeats itself. So much crime. So much sadness. So much hate. So much misdirected rage.

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          I'm sorry to read that. :( But I can understand why you would feel this way. Hate just creates more hate. Violence creates more violence and it happens almost everywhere on this planet. And I wish I can travel around the world too. So far I've only travelled to most countries in Europe but I guess meeting new friends overseas on the internet is pretty cool too. :) You would only notice I'm from Germany if you check the top of my profile page, that and most people on Weasyl write in english, so yeah. XP

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    Scheinbar bist du ja ein richtiger Eathworm Jim-nerd :P ich erinner mich noch ganz wage an ein pc-spiel und eine serie die ich früher mal geschaut hab x)