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Tamagotchi by AshestoAshcraft



Click here to see the... Speedpaint | Traditional Version | Free to Use Coloring Page
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DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint X

I'm pleased with out my little Tamagotchi came out! It could be better, especially the buttons which I wish I'd spent more time on, but I'm very, very happy with everything else! It's small, but it was a lot of exploration for me artistically. First and foremost I made this piece using a new recording app on my phone to test it out and see if it would record worthwhile footage, and it does! So thus far, this art piece has the best speedpaint I've made thus far. I promise future ones will be much, much better, however.

After getting comments on how shading could help me out with some anatomy and detail work, I wanted to practice shading a bit more. The light source is supposedly coming from the right, though I figured the screen would be a light source as well, and thus shaded the buttons very weird, only keeping the screen in mind :/ Just ignore them lolz I know that the design of a regular Tamagotchi is to have the screen sunk in (like a cracked egg), but since this was my art I decided to draw it with the screen shaded as though it were outward, and I think I accomplished that look, but I'd appreciate advice/guidance if not. I also tried to color in the name with a matte texture in mind so that the chain and screen were the shiniest things in the whole piece. I think the chain is the best shaded part, but I do like the screen as well. I was going for a slightly glitchy holographic look on the screen too, which I think I could have accomplished better, but definitely accomplished.

The symbol on the screen is the star sign for Libra, since pixel art is not my forte. I know that this piece doesn't technically make any sense, but you can certainly use my lineart to color your own! c:

OPEN for commissions! Find more information here.

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