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Eight Minutes and Fourty-Six Seconds by AshestoAshcraft

Eight Minutes and Fourty-Six Seconds


This piece is dedicated to all my fellow goths that are so goth they were born black, but still are told "goth is white" when trying to express themselves. It's dedicated to all of my LGBT+ brothers and sisters of whom are targeted simply for being born (of no choice of their own) both queer and colored. It's dedicated to everyone of whom is oppressed and unheard even when they speak. It's dedicated to everyone the criminal justice system has failed. Most of all, this piece was inspired by and dedicated to the late George Floyd, of whom was unjustifiably murdered by corrupt officers. His death is not in vain - in his daughter's words, "Daddy is changed the world."

If you aren't an artist yourself and you would like to repost this piece in support of the BLM movement, you are more than welcome to do so. In an effort not to promote myself through any possible reposts of this piece, please DO NOT link back to me. ONLY copy and paste the following information for how to get involved with BLM and fighting racism, or better yet provide new information of your own!

"Anger is a powerful force. It can be a useful force, but left on its own, it will only corrode and destroy and sow chaos on the inside and out. But when anger is focused, when it is channeled into something more, oh that is the stuff that changes history."
-Michelle Obama; June 2020

Support BLM through any of the following resources. The following links are to a few different masterposts with lots and LOTS of information; I've been going through each of them myself. Some of this information overlaps, but I'd rather link you twice than not at all.

White Supremacy is currently not legally considered terrorism, which I found distressingly shocking. Sign the following petition to help change this:

If you'd like to show off your support whilst donating, Blackcraft cult has this simple yet effective "Fuck Racism" T-shirt for sale. 100% of the profits go to the NAACP now, but before then this shirt managed to raise $166,632.12 for the George Floyd Memorial Fund. Wear it with pride, anti-racists:

One of the most important and unsettling things to me that often gets forgotten are Missing Persons cases. Here is a list on Twitter of a series of missing POCs; please give it at least a glance just in case you may know anything about anyone here:

This post is surface-level, no more than a place to start. Don't stop here. Please learn from those around you and educate yourself as I am. It doesn't take too much of your time, and supporting BLM - be it with your voice and/or your money - it may mean the difference between life and death for so many people.

Thank you for your time. Take care of yourselves, and be kind to humankind.

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