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[DTIYS] Vaporwave Mechanical Pencil by AshestoAshcraft (critique requested)

[DTIYS] Vaporwave Mechanical Pencil (critique requested)


30 August 2020 at 13:22:15 MDT

DTIYS = Draw This In Your Style: This artwork was made as part of the Draw This In Your Style challenge. Original artwork by Loish for DeviantArt's 20 Year Anniversary.

DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint

Oh wow, this piece was such a blast! It was a really big project~ Even though I have a lot to learn, man I learned so much!

First and foremost I'll start with the basic concept. In the original art's description, Loish requested that we replace the tool in the character's hands with our favorite art supply. I'm not sure how clear it really is, as it is quite a small tool, but for me it's a mechanical pencil (with some lead lolz). As this is a Draw This in Your Style I decided to keep the character the same as the artist made her, which lead me to dress her up in a more goth outfit. The shirt is actually a real shirt, one you can find via the brand Gothic Lamb c:

I really enjoyed playing with the various textures of torn fishnet, leather/pleather shorts, the cotton tshirt, the poofy hair. Some of the things I'm unhappy with are her hair, which I had a lot of fun on and did learn from, but I think I need more practice. I also had a really hard time figuring out how to balance the inspiration I drew from the original piece and the artist's style vs. the actually trying to be anatomically correct. I am happy with how I did her hand and lips, but her torso and hips are rather stiff. The pose was so dynamic, and I wish I could have done it more justice. The outfit I chose for her did make it a bit difficult to properly pose her too, so I think that had something to do with it, but I just keep telling myself it works for her since she's more goth and less enthusiastic in this DTIYS than the original shrugs

The effects really brought out the vaporwave aesthetic I was going for with the color scheme and background, but there are 5 other versions of this piece that you can see with slightly altered effects, as well as lacking effects. Star Dustlings get early access via my Kofi and Patreon, but in a month that post will go public.

Happy 20th anniversary DeviantArt! Thanks so much for sharing your art with everyone, Loish! Also, thank you so much to you for your time star critter~ Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!