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Not much to say here other than: The multi-faceted, multi-coloured wild dog: Artist, illustrator, animation-enthusiast, art-lover, always on the hunt for political and intellectual stimulation!



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Completely and Utterly At Sea...

Wow. It's been over a year since I last did anything active on Weasyl...

I'd like to apologise to a load of people who have found me here and tried to interact with me. If I'm genuinely honest, I more or less completely forgot about my Weasyl account. I still went on the forums occasionally but found myself getting less and less involved in discussions. It was another example of 'not fitting in' again. Of course, self-perception is a crooked lens at best so I'm probably wrong anyway but... I dunno... it just felt like I couldn't relate to anybody here, y'know? Not in terms of art or background or well, anything...

I'm not blaming anybody; I've never been good at social interaction and considering how young Weasyl the website is, and the demographic are (and how selective it used to be to get on here, I don't know if they've gotten rid of that?), then it makes sense and is only natural.

Anyway, following certain allegations and hear'say on a certain other website that caused Weasyl to suddenly become THE site to go-to, I only recently remembered to log back in here. And I was hit with a barrage of friend requests and notes and such.

So post-Superbowl on a bleary-eyed Monday morning, I'm... going to take it slowly here, because I'm in completely new waters. I don't really know anyone here (so I'm sorry), and I'm still trying to get to grips with the interface and what the overall tone of this website is --- maybe I'll just use it for commission-work only because that's usually the better quality stuff to match everyone else? Or something.

We'll just have to see how things work out. I don't care about popularity or anything on here, I just want to make Weasyl work for me. I have no love or hate at the moment by the way. I'm just rather at sea because I haven't used this website at all.

Kind regards,


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