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Welcome to my Weasyl page!


You can also find me on:

Furaffinity: Anyare

SoFurry: Anyare

I draw a variety of artwork: Clean, Mature, Adult, and Cartoony! I hope you enjoy and find something you like! I tend to dabble between styles quite a bit.

Commissions are currently CLOSED

I open via. Journals!

If you plan to commission me, please check these out:

2013 TERMS OF SERVICE: Click Here!


Current Commission Queue:


Furnal Equinox 2014 (Dealer) - Toronto, Ontario - Completed
What The Fur 2014 (Dealer) - Montreal, Quebec - May 23-25
Anthrocon 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA - July 3 - 6
Camp Feral! 2014 - Algonquin Park, Ontario - August 23-24
Midwest FurFest 2014 - Chicago, Illinois - December 5 - 7



Latest Journal

Anthrocon + Condition Furry

AHHH OMG Anthrocon is in 2 days!! WHAAT. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

As you guys may have seen me post, I have 4 marker pieces that will be in the AC artshow - Adult section, and I have one small pen sketch I'm also going to put in there. The 4 marker pieces will be frames (no glass, plastic protected!) and I'm going to start them at a fairly decent price, so I hope they find some homes. I am also most likely going to have a large 20x24 acrylic tiger portrait painting that is custom framed up for auction for fairly cheap as well. So please have a look if you're going, all pieces are original and not prints!

I'm still on the fence about doing Artist's Alley. I do have assigned space for Friday and Sunday, but if I do decide to do the alley there will be certain restrictions on what I'll be offering....

IF I DO PARTICIPATE IN THE ALLEY: On spot will be limited to GRAPHITE/PEN SKETCHBOOK SKETCHES ONLY!!! This is all I can guarantee to be done for the con. They will be priced at $20/character per sketch. Unless your sketchbook is super tiny or super large (bigger then 11x14), this is the price for all sizes.
Anything else....well, I may take badge orders but I am not bringing my supplies to complete them at the con, so they will all be take home. And take homes will be completed after the remaining 3 commissions on my Queue have been completed.

AND I finally have my cellphone plan figured out, so if you want to exchange numbers to meet up, feel free to note me! I will be able to call and text unlimited. I also have data and will be updating on Twitter over at @Anyare27

I just wanted to thank everyone still on my Queue from What the Fur 2014 for being so patient. I only have 3 more commissions left to do. I was hoping to get them done completely before AC, but I started full time work on June 23rd and I've been really busy commuting and trying to get used to my new schedule. Once I return from Anthrocon, I will be able to take a breather and relax and get back on track.

I also wanted to update that I had a small change in my convention plans.
As some of you may or may not have heard, this will be the last year of Condition:Furry, a semi-local convention to me that takes place in London, Ontario. They are a unique con that follows a storyline (has been for the last 4 years) but this is their final year. I attended their first year (Con:Zero Hour) and second year (Con:Red) Sadly, I was not able to make it to the last 2 years because my summers were always so busy. But since it's their last year, I'm going to make arrangements to attend. I will only be able to attend the Saturday-Sunday, since that is all my work and budget will allow. I will also only be attending as an attendee and will not be working. I hope to see you guys there! If you want to know more about the convention, you can visit the website: hopefully they will get a good attendance for their last year, and go out with a huge bang!

Anyhow, that's about all for updates now! I'll be back next week after Anthrocon! See you guys there!

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