Study - Cabins by Rowkey

Study - Cabins


27 January 2014 at 12:01:58 MST

Summer 2013- Painted from life, about 40 minutes each. Near my childhood home in Missouri there's a little piece of land set aside for preservation of cabins and other dated architecture found around the county, the oldest of which is from 1825. Oftentimes they're moved there from areas slated for construction and the like. Now it's a living history museum, but it's on the, ah, no-actual-city-funds-sorry-it's-awful path. Empty, but kept very pretty by volunteers, and perfect for studies like this. I'm thankful for it.

I LOVE LIFE STUDIES, I want spring to rear its ridiculously colorful head RIGHT NOW so I can go outside proper. (aka: trying to work outside with watercolors in freezing temperatures is a dumb thing)

watercolor pencil and watercolor on cold press paper

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    oh my c: so gorgeous!

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    It's nice when old buildings are preserved like that. There was the ruins of an old croft near my house, as well as a really nice burn... until the council decided to flatten everything and build houses on top of it. At least people got homes out of it...

    Nice studies though. I love the way you've painted the grass!

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      Thank you!

      Oh wow, that's such a shame that the old buildings were lost- they must have been far older than the cabins I painted. :[ Many of the cabins at my place were brought there from afar in shambles and pieces (one was found on an airport runway construction area, I think), so quite a bit of each building had to be reconstructed even so. I like to wonder how the original architects would react if they knew that we were still nosing around their homes almost 200 years later!