Hello, I'm Anniekitty, call me Annie though. I'm a kandi kid and an art hoarder. I love designing characters and drawing.
I draw furries and humans.
I love getting art from other people of my characters.
Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm kind of quite but I'm always up for a conversation.

Probably a few things to know about me.
I'm female but I do have a male fursona.
I am taken in a closed relationship.
I'm a college student studying to get a Creative Arts.
I have a very hard time handling critique unless I ask for it.
I love and adore my characters and I'm kind of over protective of some of them.
I love all animals and I dare you to find one that I don't find cute or interesting.
Making kandi is one of my favorite things to do.
I don't judge others so please don't judge me.

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Free Custom Librumdex Raffle!

on 16 September 2015 at 11:27:09 MDT

So.... I really want these guys to be a thing...
Taking on some advice, I'm going to do a free raffle.

There will be 3 winners for the raffle.
Each person will be getting a custom Librumdex <3
Winners will be chosen by names thrown into a hat and I'll have my two room mates pick them out at random.
The raffle will end September 30th!

1) Take a look at the Librumdex info here

2) Fill out the following:

Character name:
Genre: (up to two)
Eye color:
Base color:
Hair style:(optional, they don't have to have hair)
Horn style:(Link a ref or give a detailed description)
Wing style:(Link a ref or give a detailed description

3) Tell people about these guys! Advertising this journal would be totally awesome!

4) You can already have a Librumdex and enter! That's totally fine <3

These guys will not be based off of original or fan characters. Only current existing characters.

See past examples of Librumdex here:

1st: The first person will get a 2 shot custom of their desired Librumdex.
2nd: The second person will get a 1 shot custom of their desired Librumdex.
3rd: The third person will be able to design their very own Librumdex, though it must be then approved by me before becoming an official design.

Thanks everyone! I hope to hear from you all <3

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