(T) Say Hello by anniekitty

(T) Say Hello


15 November 2015 at 22:16:59 MST

Something new I'm trying where I do busts with a simple background like this.
I kind of like it <3
He was fun to draw.

Art belongs to me.
Character belongs to insomniatic-ophelia

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    It would make a good thing for badges! :)

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      I've sort of given up on badges to be honest. Also, they're half a page big >w<

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        They're fun to do just for fun, even if you don't use them at conventions. :) It's a good way to perfect the bust poses and find creative ways for backgrounds and borders. :)

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          Yeah. I do love making badges <3
          But again, sort of given up on them. Not enough people were ever interested in them.

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            Yeah...I think people who go to conventions a lot love them more than others. There used to be a guy at FurCon who had a trenchcoat covered in badges...it was AMAZING. :D I still have fun making them sometimes, though...so I'll still do it even if people aren't interested in them--just for me! ;)

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              Yeah... I don't really go to conventions though. I go to Further Confusion but that's it.

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                I skipped furry 'cons this year to go to an anime 'con with a friend. But I always loved FurCon in California...lots of nice people there! I went there for 5 years straight and it was always a blast! :)

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                  Yeah. This will be my fifth year going.

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                    I wish I could have gone, but the state of IL kinda is forcing everyone to get passports for airplane travel and I still haven't gotten mine yet...I don't think I'll get it in time for FC2016. :( I may try a furry 'con somewhere later in the year. :)

                    I hope you have a blast! :D