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Hi! I'm Nicole "AnimeCat" Holland, an anthro and fantasy artist since, well... about since I could hold a pencil. My favorite things to draw are fantasy creatures, anthro animals, cartoons, and fan art of several TV shows and movies. The majority of my artwork is clean and family-friendly. While I may post a tasteful pin-up or artistic nude, you will not find anything of an offensive nature in my work. I also craft plush toys, jewelry, knitting, and costumes- you'll find lots of my projects in my galleries!

I am also the artist and founder of Studio Neko-Neko, my personal business where I take my art and handmade crafts to various conventions. We currently attend conventions around the Mid-South and Southern US but we are always looking to expand out convention circuit! While not at conventions, you can find my work at the Studio Neko-Neko webstore at

Commissions, Trades, and Requests:

Commissions: Being that I run my art studio as a business, I do sell my work as well as offering commissions. You can check my commission status above to see if I am currently accepting commissions. Many times, I am only open for work a month or two prior to a convention. I will sometimes offer commissions sales. See my journals for more information.

Trades: I do enjoy a trade with a fellow artist every now and then, but I don't always have as much time to do them as I would like. You may ask for a trade, but please do not be offended if I decline. It's nothing personal. I love trades, both art-for-art and art-for-object, and I will accept a trade offer, but only if I have enough time to complete my end in a timely fashion.

Requests: I'm sorry, but I do not ever accept requests for free art. My time is valuable, and I find demands for my time and efforts without compensation to be rude and such requests will be deleted, many times without a response. Repeat offenders will be blocked. My apologies.

Please Note: I DO watermark and censor my work for several reasons, mostly to protect my copyrights. If this offends you, I apologize, but PLEASE don't leave me rude comments about it on my submissions! I will ask you to stop only once and then sadly, you'll be added to my block list.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for stopping by!



Latest Journal

Plush Sales

As I'm sure many of you have seen on the news by now, last weekend, we here in Arkansas were hit with an F4 tornado that completely wiped 2 towns near me completely off the map. Mayflower and Vilonia, both less than an hour away from where I live (Mayflower is less than 20 minutes up the highway), were devastated- entire hosing areas flattened, nothing but debris fields left. You can see photos of the severe damage here:

I have a TON of plushies in my collection that are just sitting around in my spare bedroom, in boxes, away from my pets and everything. Plushies that I'm never going to do anything with again. Some are getting donated directly to the the tornado victims as there are stuffed toy donations being collected for the children who have lost everything they've ever owned. The rest, I think I'd like to sell, and donate the profits to the AR Tornado Disaster Relief funds. They would go to places like the Red Cross, and the local university charity drives so that they can help our communities pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.

I have all sorts of plush, from small to large, basic animals to Disney and anime characters, all would be going up for sale. The question is, is it better to put them up on an auction site, like Dealer's Den, or just put them in a photo post here on Weasyl/FA and let people claim the ones they want and pay me directly for them? Which would YOU prefer?

I'll take some opinions and/or questions for a bit and then make a decision, but I want to start this soon, probably this weekend. Keep your eyes on my journals if you're a plush collector!

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