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OMG I'm so lazy!

on 27 March 2013 at 07:23:23 MDT

Ugh I am so bad at the multiple gallery upkeep thing D:

Sorry to my buds and the few folks who have followed me when I have zero zilch and nada in my gallery.

I really want to change that all soon, but in my head I mentally wrestle with the idea of showing multiples of the same uploads to the same people, etc. and basically it's like "Dude, how many times do they need to see it?"

But I'mma just get over that and upload anyways. Probably not exactly mirror my FA account here but pretty close.

I'll probably not mess with putting up promotions and that sort of thing here since this will mostly be a personal art account, but not saying never just in case.

I don't have much time for work right now outside of commissions, but maybe I'll be better in the future and all that will go up here first before FA. :3

And if you send me a friend request and I don't do anything with it don't be upset or anything. I'll actually only friend you on this site if I know you and we've had a conversation most likely.

Soooo yeah, love you guys! **hugs hugs** ^.^

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    I love your little anthros! They are just the sweetest<3

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    I meant to tell you sooner but thank you thank you thank you for the bunny boys piece!!! I really love it!


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    Hey Onna! Can you send me a message when you see this? Also, I hope to see you at TFF :D

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    Hi There!

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    clings :3

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    hey thanks for the follow back dude :D

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    (^㉨^)οΎ‰ thanks for being Suuuper!