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on 19 January 2014 at 07:57:45 MST

Hello everyone,
Glad to see you on my Weasyl page! [=

Well, first of all it should be noted that I submitted here not all of my drawings. Iā€™m so lazy to do that, and it would be too long. ^^'

At first I decided to post here only clean art. But then I started examining this site and found out here as many yiff as on FA. o_o To leave my page for clean works? Though I have my account on DA for these purposes.
So.. Should I post here my adult works? I wonder, is anybody interested in it? Cuz I still feel shy about yiff. >< I'm just not sure in it.

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    I like your clean art.... Too much yiff, not enough stories.

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    Me: hay you don't know me but love your art from it i have learned that scenery tell a story all by it's self and well your my "HERO" it took me forever to get here but i will never give up well unless you tell me to stop, i say you are my "HERO" because i was down and out and when i seen your art i knew you didn't just wake up one day and draw like you do now so you have anchored me when every one say stop i go on for you i just wish to talk i hope maybe one day you can call me friend but until then i have hope that you will say something to me i bag of you don't let me down not you

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      Me: i'm sorry to say my time is short and you have 90 Days to respond

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        I'm sorry, I rarely visit my page here. )=

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    I love your work. Keep up the great work!

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    Thanks for the FOLLOW~ :3c

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    Thanks Henry =3

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    Ohh, much thanks for the follow, friend ^___-