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Hello, fellow Weasyl members. Name's Tierre (pronounced "Tyree") Williams and welcome to my gallery.

About me: I'm an amateur photographer and sometimes artist (traditional) living in central Virginia. I also work in retail. Just signed up for Weasyl in July 2013 because one of my fellow deviantART members mentioned this site. After visiting this site as a lurker, I decided to register and here I am. I really like this place.

All photos and artwork are copyright by me. All rights reserved. My work MAY NOT be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any form without my consent. Please send me a note or comment if any of it appears other than here, my DeviantART page, Flickr page and my Twitter page.

Other sites you can reach me:

DeviantART: where you can find photos, drawings and older stuff. I've been using DA since 2007. It's at

Flickr: I've been using it as an alternate site, but it's photography-only. I've been a user since 2011. It's at

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Wow, a year already?

on 30 June 2014 at 20:05:22 MDT

This July - ok, ok, July 13th - will mark my first year here on Weasyl. Wow, a year already! I joined this site last year - before that, I was a lurker - because one of the folks that I follow on deviantART has created a Weasyl page. I've never heard of it, so I signed up and it became my second alternate gallery (Flickr was my first alternate gallery; I joined the site back in 2011). Now, over the past year, I faved over 400 pieces, made 6 journal entries, followed over 50 users (some of them are also on deviantART) and uploaded over 20 submissions (mostly photography). I was about to draw some stuff, but I don't have the time. That will change in the near future.

I recently posted on the journal back in May that I will post new stuff on here. I posted a few and there are more coming. Oh, I forgot something. I have moved to a new place just a few weeks ago, still in the same city.

Alright, that is all from me for now. Later.


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