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I like aliens, mers, and nagas. I also draw things. NSFW Occasionally!

Feel free to talk to me or ask me anything! I try to be very open-minded and I really like having conversations and spreading love around! ^^

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Art Trades (Closed)

These are closed now!

Hey its that time of year again! My art trades for 2017 are open, check out the info here -
Or just read below-

There's one slot left so come fast! (I dont update here as often as I do on dA)


  • First come, first serve comments! Be ready! Please claim a slot by commenting on this journal saying that you'd like a slot or sending me a note saying that you would like a slot!
  • You must be a watcher.
  • Use you're own characters, they can be fan characters, but I'd like to keep things original, unless you have permission from the owner.
  • No offensive themes, to anyone or anything, not even lobsters.
  • If you want a fully colored, multiple character piece, I expect the same in return, this is supposed to be for fun. Not a ripoff type thing, I try and get my part of trades done right away, you can trust me, but I'd like to see some sort of progress report on your end if I finish awhile before you.
  • If you don't submit your end of the trade at all, you will not be able to participate in next year's event until you compensate for the previous year's trade.
    I'm open for smut and NSFW, but note me about it, I'd like the comments to stay clean. I won't be posting the picture on DA unless it's borderline or by your request.

  • Some paraphilias and fetishes I cannot do, for example things like vore, diapers, inflation, large amounts of gore etc. Run it by me if you have a question about this, I just don't want to feel uncomfortable drawing my pieces. I won't post hardcore porn on DA. I can though on my nsfw tumblr.

Things I'm good a drawing -
Aliens, monsters, faces, humans, humanoids, mer-people, nagas, sci-fi, fantasy, dragons, outfits, armor(depends on what kind) a lot of other things I guess.

Things I'm not good at drawing -
Machines, complex patterns, complex robots, vehicles, realistic weapons, that sort of thing.

I'm pretty open to letting people pick which of my OCs they want to draw, you can find profiles on some of them here
There is NSFW pictures in that link but you can only view them if you're a member on that site.

or just dig through my gallery for someone who may catch your eye and I'll let you know if that's one my own OCs ;)

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    8D HEY THERE! It's good to see you here on weasyl! ;w; Thanks so much for watching my account here as well <333 Appreciate it!

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      I figured it was time to expand to different art sites, and I went in search of some aliens and found some familiar faces so thats always nice ^^ You're welcome!

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        Yeah! ;w; That's what I was thinking when I joined weasyl and tentatively joined fA. Figured maybe time to test other art sites out too?? See what they were like 8'D Huehuehue