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Still Alive by Alector

Still Alive


13 May 2013 at 14:41:54 MDT

Go ahead and leave me.

I think I prefer to stay inside.

Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.

Maybe Black Mesa


It's so delicious and moist.

“How have you been?

I've been reeeaaally busy being know...after you've murdered me!”

That is basically how I felt while painting this thing. XD Jeez I broke my brain on it...but also became even more of a fan of GlaDOS now!

I gave GlaDOS a new coat, to make her look a bit more fox-ish. To be precise, I've turned her into Fox Amoore while still keeping up the new design. I've had loads of fun constructing everything, and I think I've had enough for a while. Need to avert from straight lines and mess around with my brushes again. 8)

At Confuzzled 5, Fox Amoore and Colson did a rendition of this at their concert (With Neo coming up to do the acting routine). We all loved it so much, so they decided to release their own cheeky version for everyone :D

Listen to the awesome musical by Fox Amoore "Still Alive"~~>>

Thank you so much for looking! <3

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    This is so cool :P hehe best one I've ever seen

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      Thank you so much! It broke my wrist. hahaa :D

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    I still utterly love this hurrhurr x)

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      It was such a great challenge! *gives you oil for your engines to run smoothly* XD

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    That looks amazing!

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    This is Fan-tastic! Amazing work.

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    As a fan of GlaDOS you should try out Poker Night 2. She deals the cards.

    And to the picture.. Awesome! Just.. awesome! It really must be hard to make all these technical details.

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      I busted out laughing when I saw GlaDOS pop up in Poker Night 2. She is the best.

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    Oh my gosh, this is incredibly stunning..! The strokes, the perspective, the composition! It's all wonderful.