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Rite of Vengeance by Alector

Rite of Vengeance


25 February 2013 at 15:07:56 MST

~ Thus the tempestuous wind carries those clouds that embrace the land in darkness and dread,

striving to reveal what has been covered by ashes,

the ground from which smoke and vengeance arise.

Darkness follows light,

where all remaining souls plead for nature's crafty hands,

in cry for salvation.

But they turn to the one, who wanders for venegeance...

for honour.~

~ Please listen to Rite of Vengeance by Fox%20Amoore ~

This is for Jaris Wolf and his character... Whom comes to his home village after hunting, only to find it destroyed by the mighty Galva Empire. He then stops at nothing to find those responsible... so he may have his vengeance, his rite of vengeance, to prove that victory is always possible, no matter how hard.

This was so inspiring, I couldn't even hold myself back typing down some quick prosa while looking down the landscapes during painting.

Thank you so much for looking <3


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    Almost reminds me of Fable looks great.

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      Oh, thank you! I always loved the artwork of Fable. It is one of my favourite games! =D

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    Alector you blow my mind. The armour is great ( and functional omg!) and the enviroments are stunning!

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      Aww thank you so much! ^-^

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    Beautiful piece of storytelling art as usual :D