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In Quietness by Alector

In Quietness


The dream of quietude, of freedom.

Since a plant spirit wants to sway around everywhere, it's now here too! ;)
I always wanted to revamp and colour this painting and while I had to wait for my new hand bound books to press. Autumn is here and green is going. This is one of the last breezes of summer before it goes for a big slumber till the next year. I felt for exaggerating with greens and light. :}

Thank you so much for looking! <3

I offer prints of this painting in my store ~>

For more WIPs, photographs and general updates, watch me on Twitter ~> :D

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    Very nice! So vibrant and lush @-@

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    Gads your art makes me feel so happy! I love all that vibrant GREEN

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    This is gorgeous! The serene expression on her face suggests a quiet satisfaction with the oncoming slumber. What program did you use for this - and where do you live that autumn is coming?

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    Beautiful. Love your plant spirit and happy to have a print of this on my wall thanks to my GF. :)

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    This is so beautiful - ethereal, with such a feeling of freedom and peace <3 What amazing texture on the foliage too!

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    Graceful, lush and you can feel the ambience. Love the lightning.