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on 4 November 2014 at 19:06:45 MST

Hullo. Name's Grimm. I hung out on Y!gallery as Grimmalkin for a long while, and before that I was hanging out in the Furry community and Deviantart under the same name. I've been on Tumblr for a couple years, but I missed the interface of Y!Gallery which put an artist's creations front and center, and allowed for a kind of intimacy, privacy, and comfort for both viewers and creators.

I missed it BADLY. The frantic pace of interaction on microblogging platforms and social media applications is kinda tough for me - it's difficult to open up and do what I do best.

I heard about this place through another Y!Gallery veteran, and if I wasn't on the tail end of an eighteen hour work-cycle and DEAD tired, I would be putting my work up with gleeful abandon. Perhaps tomorrow.

Well met, Weasyl. I look forward to learning more about you.

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