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Hi there, dudes and dudettes!

I'm a ladylike critter from the magical northern land of Finland. You can call me Vol as that's the name I go by on the internet.

I'm a fledgling freelance illustrator and comic artist, with a degree in graphic design and my own horror/fantasy webcomic. I adore black and white drawings, big and grumpy monsters and everything scary and macabre. ....And I'm also unbelievably bad at telling something about myself, so let's just put a period here now. There.

Arting elsewhere:
• Pahantekijä webcomic: Finnish | English



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Show me your favourite artists!

Okay, hi there guys! I guess I should write a proper journal now that I have settled in. Really surprised and happy to see I already have so many followers. I hope I can keep you entertained. ♥

Since I've received so much love during my short stay here, I'd like to put that love back into circulation and nab me a proper list of artists to follow myself! I'm a bit bad at just going on an adventure to find new artists (and I like to have some variety on all art sites I am so I try not to follow people I already follow somewhere else) so I need a little help finding new, interesting talents. So if you feel like it, show me your favorite artists here on Weasyl! (Or, if you're your own favorite artist, feel free to advertise yourself. That's totally fine, too.)

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    Your art is stunning, especially your black and white pieces. Keep up the great work!