Lepidora by Addotrail



2 July 2014 at 17:23:09 MDT

Art and Info done by Railerat
This was a design i bought full use of from their Creature Creator scheme ^^

Lepidora is a massive mothlike kaiju that constantly hungers for two things: flesh and electricity. Between the two, it's easy to see why this monster attacks cities--they're the only places where it can satisfy both of its hungers at once. And it's well-equipped for the task.

Powerful jaws capable of slicing through metal and sharp claws that can dig into stone allow it to wreak havoc on the landscape (urban and otherwise) as it searches for prey. The scales of its vast wings scatter a choking powder that can permanently blind or suffocate victims, and the crystals that grow from the top of its thorax are highy charged, producing frequent electric arcs--using this energy, Lepidora can control the satellite crystals that float around its body and even create electrical barriers to protect itself. It has an audible scream capable of shattering glass, which gives it more space to land; most of its vocalisations, however, are subsonic, which means that humans can't hear them.

They can, however, sometimes feel them.

Its greatest weakness is water, especially salt water--in addition to weighing down its wings and antenna (and making flight and movement difficult), water decreases the effectiveness of its wing scales and can sometimes short-charge Lepidora's electricity, even causing it to shock itself! This takes a lot of water, though--you're gonna need more than a couple fire hoses for that one!

Unsurprisingly, Lepidora prefers desert environments--Las Vegas would be a prime target.

Deserts offer another perk besides a lack of water, though: the dry air and sandy ground allow Lepidora to whip up fierce sandstorms with its wings!

Lepidora itself is a short-tempered beast, and is easily riled--perhaps it's the constant hunger for either electricity or meat, or perhaps it's just a character trait of this particular one; either way, even small irritations can send it into the air, scattering wing scales and ready to fight.

However, it might also be just a little lonely... it is the only known member of its kind, and when not destroying the nearest cluster of skyscrapers, Lepidora can be found flying in large, lonely circles under the moonless sky, keening hauntingly and shooting bolts of blue electricity into the sky above.

Perhaps it's looking for a mate?

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    crystal kaiju buddies!!! lepidora is beautiful, love them!

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      XD *blush
      Wow, thanks! ^_^, i was a big fan of this guy too!

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    Dang, this is neat!