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The Rat Returns + Commissions???

on 29 August 2014 at 15:05:34 MDT

So. After like... a year of almost utter inactivity... my life has settled down enough for me to reinvest my time in creating things.

I have a new character to introduce you to, as soon as he gets some colours on him.

I have a commission or two to share (commissioner's permission pending), which will appear during the month of September.

I have commissions that will be OPENING next week, which should be pretty exciting if you like things that are made of words.

Um. That's about it!

Hope the past few months have been good to you guys.

Raile out.

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    Oh gosh, thank you so much for the Watch, and I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you over it!

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    Wow! Thanks for following me and for the fave! c:

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      Oh gosh! I love your art and ideas! Your painting is incredible. <3

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    Thank you so much! That means a lot to me <3

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    Wait. You a Dog Trainer? OMG I am too!

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      Ah!! Yes, I absolutely am! Hello! (I mean I said hello before, but.)

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        Woah man that's awesome! Hey there :D

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          I'm impressed by how many professionals of varying stripes I'm meeting here on Weasyl.

          No wonder you have so many wonderful canine characters, though--you actually know your shit!