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on 20 August 2017 at 11:25:47 MDT

Hello there, potential watcher! I am John Gregory Thomas, but You know Me best as Vuk Tempest, my online/furry identity, which I may prefer. I am a furry, like You, who enjoys anthropomorphic art and try my best at worldbuilding myself while struggling in this world with autism and trying to enter the adult world, stuck in high education for 3 more years as I just recently got into a university with my second potential diploma. What do I offer? Well, not requests, art trades, or commissions -at least not at the moment, damnit- but a story which I presume will be the conclusion of a lifetime of development -or rather, living my fantasies in my free time while trying to sketch them out as much as possible and then play vidogames or something to see what the labor of others has resulted in. As a child, I was enchanted by many things: dinosaurs, machines, animals, cartoons, military, the universe, whatever comes to mind, basically, but two things were pretty influental on me: Anthropomorphic animals and BIONICLE. I admit that I am still a child at heart and still try to live up to that to some degree, but as an adult, I know I owe responsibility to myself and my loved ones, while not necessarily living up to said responsibility.

So, what to expect?

Bionicle: Furry Islanders is the story taking place with Humanity (depicted as Anthropomorphic animals) adapting to a changed world ruled by biomechanical lifeforms, hellish creatures, and other hazards that comes from the state of the planet itself, including the 3 superpowers (The Crusader Empire, The Republic od Eurasia, and the Oceanian Collective) and the abandoned wildlands (where there is no law, only law of fist, and as such, crime, corruption and abuse is practically the norm) surrounding their island, Visper-Nui (meant to mean Great Majesty), while co-existing with the Matoran, Biomechanical alien people from a far-away place known as Spherus Magna.

Bionicle Furry Islanders: Origins deals with the history behind Furry Islanders before the Dystopian future of Furry Islanders itself, from the begining of the infamous "War on terror" with 2001 Septerber 11's catastrophical events all the way to the begining of World War 3, taking place in an alternate history and future where a sinister plot is conveyed centering around earth itself by a shadowed evil. The story will deal with the struggles of mutants, people who pernamently turned into anthropomorphic animals, in a world that fears them, mocks them, underestimates them, or just doesn't know what to do with them. The journey will introduce several factions and organisations with shared and differing roles, such as Team Eagle, Team Attack, The Damn-Nation, United Nations Co-Operational Armed Forces, BigPaw Society of Mutants, The MOB, and so forth, meaning that at least one of the plotlines will play through settins like a micro-kingdom in a forest, a gangster-ruled city, a physical alien deathworld based on "Hell", and many more. That does not sound like the terrorism-story will be touched all the way through, but I will try solve that at some point.

So, this is as much as I'll put on here, but I do occassionally say a few words related to this topic elsewhere. It's weird, really, how I keep developing the SAME things over and over and over and over.... I mean... I hope to be more active on Weasyl. Then You guys can understand what Bionicle: Furry Islanders and Origins IS.

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