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Latest Journal

Oh yeah

on 2 September 2014 at 04:47:28 MDT

I've kind of forgotten I had an account here . . . I'm trying to get back into it, though. Expect some drawings to come!

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    Hooooow did you hide from me all this time on here :I

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      Probably because I haven't been here in a year or two LOL

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        That makes sense! Welcome back in that case!

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    Holy ballz!!!
    you're following me!?!
    Thank you so very much!!!! :D

    didn't know you also have a Weasyl page ^^;

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      I kind of forgot I made one a while back!

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    yesss was hoping to find you here eventually

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    Would this probably be the Narse of Weasyl? Betcha 10 bucks.