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Viergacht / South Africa

My skeertuig is vol palings.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Oh yeah

I've kind of forgotten I had an account here . . . I'm trying to get back into it, though. Expect some drawings to come!

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Oh yeah . . .

I sometimes forget I have an account here! I need to become more active, a lot of my friends and objects of artistic admiration are here.

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Ratha's Creature Kickstarter - last days!

Well folks, we're in the last few days for the Ratha's Creature: the graphic novel Kickstarter and we're only a few hundred dollars short of our goal! It's been great seeing the support from the fan community, especially the artwork people have contributed to the Ratha Challenge to signal boost the…

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Ratha's Creature graphic novel Kickstarter

Ratha's Creature - the graphic novel: First published in 1983, Ratha's Creature is the story of Ratha, a young female of a clan of prehistoric catlike creatures who call themselves the Named. Intelligen…