Hello! I’m Quanimp, but you can call my anything really :P

Quanimp, Kwin, Quani, Impy, Quanzimoto xD Any nickname you feel like giving me.

I’m 16 years old and I’m working on improving my art because I would love to be an artist,

animator, cartoonist, or even a voice actress one day.

I’m pretty friendly so chat with me whenever and don’t hesitate to ask for a request or trade when they’re open!

I’m always trying to come up with new characters and ideas for drawings because I’m working on expanding

my horizon outside of the fandoms I’m in, which mainly include:


Invader Zim

The Hunger Games

Doctor Who

and Portal (if that counts as a fandom, I just look at Portal fan art a lot and attempt to draw it sometimes)

I accept requests and trades when I don't have any from my deviantArt, which can be found here :)

You can also find me on YouTube here where I post recordings of myself singing from time to time.

And if you’d like to add me on facebook, look no further than here:

or here (the page I run):

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Original Art

on 23 February 2013 at 14:33:42 MST

Okay so I know that on my profile it says I'm trying to make characters that are my own and that I'm working on more original art and despite me saying this, the majority of what I've uploaded is Invader Zim and MLP. Trust me, this will be changing soon! I've just drawn up a whole batch of my own characters! I just need to digitalize them on the computer and give them names (and at least some kind of short bio) so they are ready for uploading :)

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