Hi! I'm Amadhia, also known as "Dreamsong."

I'm a singer and a digital artist.

This is just a temporary little blurb 'cause I'm bustin' my tail to get some freelance work into stores so I can keep the lights on! :D



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ROUND 2 CASTING CALL: EHA - Nightmare Moon, ep01

on 6 April 2013 at 09:07:06 MDT

The final round of casting for the first episode of Equestria Historia Arcana - Nightmare Moon begins today (6.Apr) and runs through 12.April.

One main character and three recurring characters remain open:

SILVER LINING - (M) (MANE CHARACTER -- 1,000 years ago)

A unicorn, and the personal student to Princess Celestia in much the same way we have known Twilight Sparkle. He is smart, humble, and strong. He has a sense of humor he shares with others in an effort to highlight the good in things and ponies even at their worst.

**HAYSEED **- (F or M) (RECURRING BACKGROUND CHARACTER -- 1,000 years ago)

Gentle, down-to-earth, believable


A bit more gregarious than Hayseed, but otherwise similar... possibly with a touch of Minnesotan accent.

**CHAMBERLAIN **- (M or F) (RECURRING CHARACTER -- 1,000 years ago)

While just a bit part in ep01 his part will grow beginning in ep02. Chamberlain is a Canterlot official who carries out Celestia's orders and reports back to her. He is dependable, somewhat intense and perhaps just a tiny bit full of himself.

Show updates and production BLOG:

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    You have a wonderful voice.

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    Hi dearest Amadhia. Thanks for coaxing me over here.

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    Oh my word, even if you only have like a little bit of your art up in here, its pretty much amazing, no scrap that, VERRRRRY amazing.(And i spelled very wrong cause its that good.)

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      Och goodness, thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3

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    *snuggles her sis* So glad to see you here, sweety!! <3<3<3

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      *hugs and purrrrs* Ooch, it's lovely to see you here too! Thanks for inspiring me to explore this place! <3 <3 <3