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i messed up's been a while guys...and it's been a ride from when i posted the september journal to bare with me as i get caught up in everything.

so i think last time i rambled about getting a job somewhere...well that job made me work 50+ hour weeks at a time, and i really  underestimated my energy levels throughout the time i and still am working at this job. as things start to slow down i'm starting to regain my energy to draw again. 

on november of last year, one of my closest friends i grew up with died at the age of 26. it really messed me up for a while, as he was gone too soon. i wished i was able to spend more time with him while he was alive too...but same time...i'm glad i was able to make a impact on his life...i also lost my car too due to a car accident at the time too as i've been scrambling for money still between then and now. i also got covid around christmas time as i had to take my 401k from my previous job in order to stay afloat. so throughout all that hustling and bussling i...just got so out of touch of everything that my art greatly suffered for it.

i do deeply apologize for those who've been waiting for a while to get their commission. i'm back in the boat now trying to get the ball rolling again. for those who has gotten a commission off of me, if you want to talk about commission deets that you'd like changed or even a refund i would be willing to talk and work with you on that process. otherwise going forward i'll limit my commissions in the future once i open up again. commissions are closed rn until i can get my queue cleared. more likely what will happen is that i'll redraw/rework the commissions that i owe and go from there.

contact info:
telegram: @dragonwithgames
discord: dudewithgames#1092
email: dudewithgames(at)

here's my contact info, as again i'll focus on pumping out more artwork asap. you've been a forgiving community, and again i thank you for being patient with me throughout this struggle. i wish everyone well.

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