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Don't just aim to be as good as somebody - aim to surpass them!
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Some Thoughts

I guess I really just need to explore the site some more and all that because I still find myself wondering "What even are collections?" I would guess that they're, you know, collections of stuff. But aren't folders also collections of stuff? Eh. I watched Ender's Game for the first time. Holysnot,…

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Finishing Up Old Requests

Finally down to the last three requests on my old list! Well, I say last three but it's more like last two. I can't actually find one of the old requesters, so I don't think I'll be drawing that request. It probably won't be long before I'm taking requests again, though I don't think I'll be taking…

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Getting to Know Me (Meme)

Well, might as well jump on the bandwagon! What's your real name? Autumn Elisabeth Golden. My father wanted to name me Constance Anastasia, but my mother refused to call me that out of a fit of jealousy because one of my father's coworkers happened to be named Constance. So she named me after the s…